Holland 2013

Masterclasses in Holland and rehearsal weekends gearing up for the World Music Contest.

January 18, 2014

Clinic at Dynamic Percussion

​Rudimental Drum Clinic 

held at Dynamic Percussion in 

Manchester, CT

March 8, 2014

​Alabama PAS Day of Percussion


PASIC 2014 

Indianapolis, IN

Saturday November 22, 12 Noon Room 120

The Cross Fade Percussion Duo  (Peter Vulperhorst and Mark Reilly)

Clinic title: Honoring the Past Through Contemporary Writing Techniques for the Field Drum (click for Percussive Notes Article)

With Special guests: Dominick Cuccia, Matt Reilly, Scott Jamison, Jeff Mulvilhill, and George Willis (click for individual websites)

July 2014

Swiss Fife and Drum Association (STPV) and Rhine River Rebels (RRR) visit Washington D.C.

Basel Fasnacht 2015

Along with guests Dave and Kara Loyal, Jeb Hague, George Willis, Rob Sanderl, Jeremy Marks, and Ryan Mullins we studied drumming, culture, and history of the wonderful city of Basel, Switzerland

March 30, 2015

Rudimental Drumming Clinic and Master Class with the SUNY Fredonia Percussion Studio (Fredonia, NY).

Sponsors for this event: Mapex Drums, Majestic Percussion, Remo, Innovative Percussion, Tapspace Publishing , Loyal Drums, NARD, and Büchler Trommelbau